Friday, 29 July 2011

Journey to journalism: kicking a habit

Journey to journalism: kicking a habit: "After the untimely and tragic death of the music legend Amy Winehouse, I started thinking, how is it that people can develop addictions. I d..."

yaaay new blog to follow

Monday, 9 August 2010

Playing Hard to Get?

Common ploy: Playing hard to get.
Yet when does playing hard to get and simply uninterested differ?
Ok, there is this guy who apparently thinks I'm beautiful and likes to tell me a lot. With special emphasis on the eyes. As a woman you hope and wish for someone to notice you and give attention to what you believe to be your best assets (The Beautiful eyes) yet why do I feel embarrassed by this remark also the cuteness remark?
Why can't I just be grateful for what I get rather than belittle the emphasis they put on things?
Furthermore, does age have a factor in relationships, since a younger man is showing interest and I believe that it is kind of infuriating since he is unbelievably over-the-top and persistent while this makes me believe him to have no character other than a people-pleaser trait. Which to me is insufficient since I would like to have a sense of humour and occasional compliments not constant, otherwise they are not believable since they could be used as a throw-away comment.
Yet, I have been blessed to have been brought up with regular compliments such as the nickname, gorgeous. Even though from my dad who says that to every member of the family, even my close male cousin which I found out recently.
Anyway, to conclude. I believe that people need to define Playing Hard To Get as to not get confused with not being at all interested.
Also, I believe that I can never be pleased.
Especially since the guy who called me cute has paid me less attention and I am slightly annoyed.



Monday, 5 April 2010

hotel hotties

ok, so i left paris which was stunning. not sure which one i like more, paris or milan, or rome hmmm, but paris was fantastic, met a very cute french guy in a bread shop. he helped me tell the french lady at the till what i wanted as she didnt speak any english, either way he was lovely, shame i was only in paris for one night, he did ask me out for coffee but i had to leave and meet family.
Anyway, hotel hotties! so i'm in spain now, which is lovely and oh so warm. so we are staying in this hotel which is pretty good although kinda filled with lots of familes a.k.a little children everywhere, and i'm not saying i dont like children because they are sweet to look at but they are just so darned annoying! ANYWAY back to the topic,
my sister and i are playing pool and then lo an behold three guys happen to walk in to the pool area. Spanish guys can be hot! like seriously they were rather yummy, but i dont think they speak any english so we didnt really talk to them at all, just appreciated their yummyness.
THEN these other guys were watching us play from their balcony, so yes this hotel seems to be teeming with hot guys.
OH- elavator guy! also hot!
my problem is this. how do you pick guys up in a hotel. and not only this, but also how do you pick up guys that may not speak english?!
ideas anyone?

Saturday, 3 April 2010

How to pull a backpacker!

Cat is backpacking. I am kinda anyway, more flash-packing due to the amount of family I have in Australia that I'm crashing round.
Anyway, I have made a resolution to not be soo easy. I mean as a traveller you are seen as an easy target. The accent, the easygoing, the lack of money and the apparent disappearance of morals that happens as soon as you stand on foreign soil. This means that I have to properly say no. Rather than get soo pissed that I end up passing out in some randomers house in his bed with nothing on. Ok, I didn't say no that time, as you can tell but I believe that I will never do it again since he is a weirdo. He lets backpackers crash on his couch, he goes out with travellers, who does that?

Anyway, my usual literacy mind has been put to mush due to the amount of backpacking I have managed.

So I've made another vow to create proper nicknames for the guys I meet. Like my travelling partner is called Traveller, and the guy who says he will miss me is called ToyBoy, then there's The Guy, and then there's the introduction of The Dutch.

Either way, guy 1 and 2 is confusing.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

new hair rocks!!

so yesterday i had my hair done. it is completely different to anything I've ever had and i didn't like it quite as much at first. THEN! I went next door to do my hair, and i got hit on! AND the guy wasn't terrible looking. it was actually quite awesome. here's how it went
so i went into a food place to get something to eat (duh!) and the guy in there was talking to my hairdresser. when i came in, i places my order - combo chicken meal. was nice- and asked my hair dresser if i was a client. she said yes and he then complimented my hair and said i looked really cute. ( like cat i don't really like this word!) when the hairdresser lady left, he kept talking to me, and we actually hit it off. so anyway, i paid for my food (after he gave me a free piece of chicken :D) and went next door thinking that was all.
after a while, i was sitting in the hair dresser waiting for my dad to come pick me up, and the lady next to me taps my shoulder and says there's a guy outside trying to get your attention and i look through the window wall thing and there is the guy mouthing that he wants to talk to me a little.
Out i go, and he asked me to go for a drink with him as he was on his break.
sensibly ( i think) i said i couldn't go right then as i was leaving in a sec. so he asked for my number, i gave it to him and he said he would give me a ring so that we could go out.
i said OK, shook his hand ( i know!! kinda strangely formal. but it was a nice hand shake) and went back inside.
So on my way home i got a text from him, just to say he thought i seemed like a really great person and hoped we could go out when i come back from my holiday ( mine not his.more on this in a sec)
so yeah, that is my new hair story. so now i love my new hair! it makes cute guys like me. i think.
OTHER STORY! holiday! so I'm going to Paris tonight. should be pretty awesome. then we are going to Spain for 10 days then to Lyon then back to Paris then home. I wonder if French and Spanish guys are any different to Brits. I'll find out and let you know. Gah should probably go pack now! cant wait .
au revoir

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Kay again : The friend, and the friends love interest.

Ok. so i've been aaaaaaages writing. in my defence, i was living away from home doine a new job which was kinda boring, so i'm home now, passing the time till my next job starts. so lets re-commence the man hunt.
At the moment, there are no real leads to the man hunt. there are 2 guys, but i knew them prior to the experiment so i dont think it counts. hmm.
ok guy one : dated someone in my family. we're friends. i mean really good friends and i think thats all i want it to be, but i think we click to easily. i mean, we talk about everything almost everyday. it is a little worrying. i am a big believer in guys and girls being platonic friends, but even he admits there is chemistry. Can it just be friend chemistry? what to do?
Guy 2 : ok so its fairly simple about this guy. i want him! i mean he is hot, older, awesome car, hot, and also quite nice, so it isnt just physical. but the thing is, my friend really really really likes him, and we hooked up once at a party ( me and the guy, not me and the friend) after which he did tell me we should keep it between us because of her etc. am still debating wether or not this is shady. but i like him. the only problem is, there just isnt that spark. i mean there are definately feelings but not something i think could ever be substantial. i dont know. we shall see.
got to go.

oh yeah, am re-opening the idea of the internet dating thing.


Saturday, 20 March 2010

One night stands

I turned down sex last night.
Firstly since it was unpractical due to the lack of condoms and the lack of available places to do it.
Secondly, an attempt to make me believe that I'm not a slut.

But he was australian, worked in finance (dull I know but he wore a suit!) and looked very similar to Simon from The Inbetweeners. These were all thumbs up until I found out he lives with his parents and he's alright with public indecency, I'm talking right near the Eithad Stadium indecency.

Why are guys so easy? Why can't I meet a nice guy who won't try and bonk my bones on the first meeting??

Is it the accent? Or do I flirt too much?